The creation of JA remains the stuff of lore: crafted over an 11-day period upon relocating to New York City, tracks sequenced and numbered by the order of their creation, immediatetly following a 4-hour MPC crash course with no previous producer’s experience with the console. While at its core a beat tape, j inthename‘s unique, virgin approach yields a convex hip-hop through lenses of dada and expressionism. JA is rooted in an earthly focus, seeking dirt and grit in its raw sketch-like feel, with incidental artifacts from the tape performance shaping the compositional outcome. Subtle echoes of a native spirit, at times evoking an atmosphere akin to entheogenic ceremony, give way to the raw mysticism of fusion and drone seeping up to the surface. j has previously lent his drum skills to many groups including Sonnymoon & others, and like his drumming, the most surprising thing here is the minimalist strength of his perspective.

  • 1 I
  • 2 II
  • 3 III
  • 4 IV
  • 5 V
  • 6 VI
  • 7 VII
  • 8 VIII
  • 9 IX
  • 10 X
  • 11 XI
  • 12 XII
  • 13 XIII
  • 14 XIV
  • 15 XV
  • 16 XVII
  • 17 XVIII

All Tracks Written & Produced by J. Welch

Engineered by M.J. Thomas III
Mastered by M.J. Thomas III & K. Loggins at JASS West

Artwork by J. Welch
Portrait by K. Vicente

© 2014 JASS

Limited Cassette

Limited to 100 worldwide
– Manufactured in the USA
– Cassette-Only Bonus Tracks including an edit by ZEROH
– Includes Digital Download


USD $10
Released February 18 2014

Video: X / XIV

Listen: VIII