First in a series of releases featuring live & improvised performances from our friends & family around the world, we present an archived recording featuring two improvised pieces by AVRVM & The Fathers, recorded live in January 2015 at a hidden space in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn.

AVRVM is the improvisational electro-acoustic duo of Bennett Charles Kuhn & Paul Baisley of Long Island, New York, better known as 2 founders of the Brooklyn record label, blog & party series Astro Nautico.

This marks the first known recorded appearance from The Fathers & the first on our label.

Recorded live to analog cassette, mastered in 193000Hz/26bit audio format, and pro-dubbed in real-time, Live 1 offers a vivid experience in analog music.

B. Kuhn on The FathersPioneers

Like a germinating seed whose roots are foretold in the genetics of its leaves (and vice versa), so spring the pioneering intonations of The Fathers. A dance of beginnings, unfolding and re-folding in aural origami: the accumulative synthesis of action and reaction, live feed and feedback, harmonic compounds forming an optimistic yet other symmetry. In this wonderment each sound obfuscates its origins but retains an austere and honest offering (of itself?), like a snake eating its own tail. More cosmically speaking, eternal recurrence is as true as the historic tracts of lonely authority. The world is composed of neither line nor wave. In some ulterior geometry we find our motivation, our place. When I listen to this recording, I think - " here." And that is what we want. To settle ourselves for a moment for the growing: for what dreams the harvest contains. One must plant first. The pioneer.

A Father on AVRVM‘s Ritual

A beating drum, its capacity for rhythm defined in the structure of its body and skin (and vice versa). So steadfastly AVRVM‘s ritualistic march dredges on into the night. An instinctual quest to harmonize with nature, the meditative contemplation of the Here and Now. A Reunion – Two Fathers in their own right Dance, the assembly of souls bringing beautiful & often haunting results. The string & bow the heartbeat, the granite, the soil; the universe of the tablet becomes the sky & stars above. Things come back around. Our Finest Hour is not a one-time occurrence, No, it is the time & place we, at once, return – the Ritual.

Recorded live at Art Cafe, Brooklyn, New York 15 January 2015
Mastered by The Fathers at JASS East

Projection by P. Jones / Paris Group International
Captured by A. Goulet

All rights of the owner of the recorded work reserved.
Published by Market Solution Music
Ⓟ & © JASS 2015

Limited Cassette

Limited to 100 worldwide
– High-Bias Chrome C94 // Real-Time Dubbed
– Black shell w/ die-cut O-Card & art by Paris Group International

USD $10
Released July 30 2015


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