Dead Ends, the album from New York/New Jersey musician & producer Kallie Lampel & the follow-up to last year’s self-released Revisiting, presents itself as a living maze, taking the listener through a series of alternately haunting and beautiful vignettes. With snap-to transitions and a drone-inspired sensibility, Dead Ends creates a cinematic experience that can be disorienting once you’ve surfaced – a swift kick back to reality from a trance-induced state.

The tracks comprising Dead Ends were recorded from 2013-2014 through a sample-heavy method, pairing the enduring cyclical form of cassette and vinyl-based loops with occasional synth decorations, to sometimes opposite effects: here, sonic signatures carrying a traditionally ”positive” connotation often mask an air of madness, while the album’s more brooding textures can create a sense of stillness & solitude. Pieces such as “Blind Cat” and ”The Horseman” seem to fill an almost schizophrenic space, while the healing strings of ”Palindrome” & angelic harp of ”I Remember” evoke a certain new-age bliss.

Lampel’s inspiration is drawn from physical process as much as mood and mental imagery, and Dead Ends is a tangible result. As with recent material from friends & collaborators such as Dali Vision beginning with their time at SUNY Purchase, Dead Ends represents another wave of the continuing & ever-impressive creativity coming from this region.

  • 1 Derailment
  • 2 Inner Sanctum
  • 3 Perham
  • 4 Palindrome
  • 5 Dolby Flowers
  • 6 Spinning Wheel
  • 7 Sometimes
  • 8 Fingerlings
  • 9 The Horseman
  • 10 Dark Eyes
  • 11 I Remember
  • 12 Blind Cat
  • 13 Abort
  • 14 Cabin Fever
  • 15 Running
  • 16 Untitled
  • 17 Body Horror
  • 18 Clockwise Spinning Wheel
  • 19 Scavenger
  • 20 Colliding
  • 21 Swimming Hole
  • 22 Witching Hour

All tracks produced by K. Lampel
Space Echo on Track 13 by A. Finkel

Mastered by The Fathers at JASS East

Photo by K. Lampel

All rights of the owner of the recorded work reserved.
Published by Market Solution Music
Ⓟ & © JASS 2016

Limited Cassette

Limited to 100 worldwide
– High-Bias Chrome C47 // Real-Time Dubbed
– Clear Shell w/ black liner & die-cut O-Card

USD $10
Released May 13 2016

Video: Body Horror

Listen: Palindrome