If you have grown weary of humanity and wish to be set free… The Artisans have arrived.

The Monster Part One marks the beginning of an epic tale of Love and Brand Identity set in the vast garbage wasteland of Prosperitopia, where the Artisanaliens and their Pig overseers thrive among the glowing content-grease rivers, where your brand is your destiny. In a search for un-artisanal truth, The Monster embarks on a quest to dismantle the power circuit at the center of the Pit, and to begin the disassembly of the Pacification Delivery Systems, all the while trying to understand the Message of the Wheel hidden deep in the ancient murmuring trash mountains. As it ventures deeper into the Pit, The Monster must avoid the fiendish pursuing Artisans and their Premium Pig Escorts, gaining the assistance of the mysterious Pit Angels in its Truth-Quest for Electrolytic Harmony.

In a devastating sophomore release for JASS, CH Rom expands & refines the signature Rom production style with the Extended CH Rom Orchestra, featuring precariously selected Virtuoso Musicians allowing the exploration of New Compositional Techniques®. While some sonic & thematic elements of World of Choice (Part 2 of The Cosmic Trilogy) can be found, The Monster begins an entirely new tetralogy, and with its own canon and dramatic universe, driven by narrative & shaped by Rom’s familiar yet unprecedented style. Power chords & animal calls abound with Rom carrying the torch for the school of freak-out Psych-Content by embracing the School of Medium-Resolution Pop Sampling. Booming trash-timpanis and endless Sub-Pit trills from the mysterious Gringo Bandana flow like the radiant orange grease rivers of Prosperitopia while the chiming of ATM bells and ethos of the @Laughtrack Chorus provide a form of Transcendental-Meditative Relief. Not unlike The Monster on its quest to discover the Message of the Wheel, the listener is left to discern the Message of the Content and discover their Inner Brand.

The Monster Part One will be released via JASS November 4 2016 in Limited CD & Digital formats. All CD & Digital purchases include free download of The Artisan’s Content Companion, a 50-minute sister piece to The Monster Part One, live from inside Prosperitopia itself.

  • 1 Overture 2The Monster
  • 2 Bug It Out
  • 3 The Pig Is The Product
  • 4 Everything Will Always Flow
  • 5 (It's A) Bum-Out
  • 6 Alien Hospitality
  • 7 Nervous User (Transformations)
  • 8 Wallowing Whitegeist Thunderdrum
  • 9 Theme 2The Monster

Written, arranged, produced, cast, charted, mixed and designed by CH Rom
Recorded July 2015-April 2016 in New York, New York at CH Rom Home & Studio and other places, with the graceful assistance of the extended CH Rom orchestra:
KZ Boo-hoo, Dr. Roni & The Gum Girls, Schiavelli, Tweez, Big Datum, K. Loggins as Plug Angel, Lnwd, Uncle F, and T. Skoglund as Gringo Bandana.

@Laughtrak Chorus: Lnwd, Palm C, Professor Pump, Tweez, Miss Merlin, Chargnar, Merl Haggis, Plug Angel, Frankie Valet, Hannah Barbarian, The Cruel Angel, Charlatan Lazard, DM Fwuduh, LaLa from Fullerton, Obsidian Meatstick, Tatlin, Gringo Bandana, Big Datum, Dr. Roni, Mike Stipp, TDH, Ariana Wist, and @NYJake Mindless.

All rights of the owner of the recorded work reserved.
Published by Market Solution Music
Ⓟ & © JASS 2016

Limited CD

**First 20 Copies include free exclusive poster**
Limited to 100 copies worldwide
-Full-color print CD w/ 12-page color lyrics+art booklet
-Includes 2-page libretto detailing the story of the Monster
-All purchases include free download of The Artisan’s Content Companion, a 50-minute companion piece to The Monster Part One live from Prosperitopia.

USD $12
Released November 4 2016

Listen: Bug It Out