New York/New Jersey instrumentalist and producer Ari Finkel presents Hell on Earth, his second release for JASS as Dali Vision. The album marks the completion of time spent in upstate New York, where 2014’s Dark Green also originated. After some years later, a freshly cultivated sound emerges, at once warmly recognizable while radically bereft of any sign of his contemporaries. Hell on Earth casts each composition as a vignette in a fever-dream-induced apparition, where leisure and mortality gradually contort and bow like a martini-fueled cruise.

Collaborator and percussionist Evan Shornstein provides opener ‘No Hay Banda’ with a strikingly liquid viscosity, while Antonio Hernandez rounds out the ensemble with elastic rhythmic buoyancy found in ‘Blue Hell’ and ‘Inanimate’. Surf-inspired tonality and the imagery of brooding urban decay belies the quiet chorus of harmonic overtones in ‘Cicada’. Utilizing a renewed focus on the guitar as a tool of release, ‘Temperature’ provides resolve with a harmonious melancholy that develops and envelops through a relentless salty haze. A testament to Finkel’s multi-instrumental process and unorthodox textural arrangements, Hell on Earth is a unique experiment in not-quite-easy listening – a kind of post- apocalyptic lounge.

  • 1 No Hay Banda
  • 2 Blue Hell
  • 3 Cicada
  • 4 Inanimate
  • 5 Temperature

All Music Written, Recorded, & Performed by A. Finkel
Drums on Track 1 by E. Shornstein
Drums on Tracks 2 & 5 by A. Hernandez

Mastered by J. Pleeter at Crooked Smile Studios

All rights of the owner of the recorded work reserved.
Published by Market Solution Music
Ⓟ & © JASS 2017

Vinyl LP

**First 50 Copies include bonus cassette LIVE AT ART CAFE w/ Cassette-Only Bonus Tracks**
– 6-Track Vinyl LP / 45RPM
– Full-color jacket / Full-color printed sleeve
-Includes Download Card

USD $15
Released April 7 2017

Listen: Blue Hell