Hand It Over is the debut of Boston-based duo Neck. Incorporating elements of alternative folk and electronic music, Neck breathes a crisp air of new life into the respective styles. In addition to effortless vocal control throughout the EP, Kira McSpice demonstrates a creative approach to guitar-driven composition, embellished by Bailey’s contrapuntal bass melodies and complementary synthesizer work. The group makes potent yet tasteful use of the oft-forgotten Suzuki Omnichord as well as ornately placed field recordings and samples. The addition of the duos strikingly airtight string arrangements forms a key musical signature throughout their work.

These songs each have their own deeply personal meanings to both members, elegant yet strung together by their grim subject matter. “Puzzle Factory” reflects on the experience of institutionalization and the issues of treatment and stigmas associated with mental health. Haunting echoes of footsteps and unfamiliar foley create the psychological landscape of an institutionalized patient, resolving with a peaceful yet uneasy melancholy of the ending looped phrase. “Baited” takes the perspective of being drugged without consent, slowly building & gradually decaying into a densely layered nightmare.

Recorded just a few months after the band’s formation, Hand it Over serves as an introduction to the group’s capabilities while also presenting a sense of musical maturity. 20% of proceeds from all album sales and 100% of proceeds from single “Puzzle Factory” will benefit the Brain & Behavior Foundation, an organization providing grants and resources to vital mental health research projects & advocacy programs.

Kira on Puzzle Factory

Uncle Jimmy was a patient in what he called the “puzzle factory” I asked him why he called it that, he told me in the last puzzle factory he stayed at one of the patients there had called it that. He said maybe it’s because we do a lot of puzzles there. Or maybe it’s because they are trying to put all the puzzle pieces together to figure out what it is we have. During my stay there I wrote down things other patients had said and put pieces of the quotes together to make this song. It ended up being a testament to the treatment we received.

The words recorded came from individuals with different diagnoses, different genes, different backgrounds, and different ways of thinking and coping. Medication was the main form of treatment we received while we were there, we were not allowed to go outside and there was no one-on-one therapy. We spent a majority of our time with each other.

We mostly talked about what the doctors thought our diagnoses were and how they were treating us. We talked about how our illnesses had ruined many of our relationships with our friends and families. We talked about how misunderstood we felt- even to each other and about how isolated each of us felt.

This song is dedicated to them and to all those who struggle with mental illness, the stigma surrounding it, and receiving treatment. Proceeds go to the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation for grants to aid in the research of mental illness.


  • 1 Ecliptic
  • 2 Puzzle Factory
  • 3 Hold
  • 4 Baited
  • 5 Hand It Over

All Songs Written and Performed by Neck

Kira McSpice – Guitar, Vocals, Omnichord, Cello
Bailey Hein – Bass Guitar, Vocals, Synths, Samples, Violin

Recorded, Engineered, Mixed, & Produced by T.Skoglund
Mastered by The Fathers at JASS East

Artwork by Bailey Hein

Special thanks to: The Fathers at JASS, Benjamin, The Cloud Club, Kit Castagne, Tristan Allen, Will Clark, and everyone who has helped and supported us through this process

All rights of the owner of the recorded work reserved.
Ⓟ & © JASS 2018

Puzzle Factory/Baited 7" Lathe Cut Record

Limited to 50 worldwide

USD $15
Released April 18 2018

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