I’m Here is the debut release from Clebs, the preternatural duo of Swiss vocalist Emilie Weibel and Atlanta-bred producer/drummer Jason Nazary. Elements of the contemporary found in Nazary’s production, embellished by Weibel’s unique polyrhythmic phrasing, filter through the lens of the non-human, forming Clebs’ uncanny & often spiritual musical vocabulary.

Informed by emergency and the ensued paranoia of world catastrophes, the title track presents a narrative of an immigrant’s endeavor, the separation anxiety of loved ones & a constant sense of urgency. Opener “Homemade Bread” showcases Weibel’s eclectic approach through the use of loosely constructed language paired with extensive vocal looping and manipulation to paranormal result. “Light Playing” culminates the album with an anthem for interdimensional travelling inspired by the novella The Turn of The Screw. Led by Weibel’s supernatural mantra, the song disintegrates into a frantic amalgam with the addition of Nazary’s drumming interplayed with electronic textures. Here, laughter and electronically processed ramblings blur the lines of composition & improvisation, revealing the group’s more playful side.

Haunting interruptions & dynamic transformation buoyed by a thorough melodicism forms the bedrock of Clebs’ sound, and I’m Here utilizes this duality to extraterrestrial effect.

  • 1 Homemade Bread
  • 2 I'm Here
  • 3 Light Playing
  • 4 Bass Chrysalis
  • 5 Light Spectrum

All Tracks Written by J. Nazary & E. Weibel
Except Track 2 Written by E. Weibel

Produced by J. Nazary
Except Track 2 Produced by J. Nazary & E. Weibel

Recorded by I. Hersey at Carefree Studios, New York, NY

Mixed by I. Hersey
Mastered by R. Morales

Art by Benton C Bainbridge / Clebs

All rights of the owner of the recorded work reserved.
Ⓟ & © Clebs 2018

Limited Cassette

Limited to 100 worldwide
– High-Bias Chrome Plus // Real-Time Dubbed
– Smoky Tint Shell w/ die-cut O-Card
– Includes I’m Here (Olga Bell Remix) & Light Playing (Time Wharp Remix)

USD $10
Released May 25 2018

Limited CD

Limited to 100 worldwide
– Silver Print CD w/ custom-stamped cover
– Includes I’m Here (Olga Bell Remix) & Light Playing (Time Wharp Remix)

USD $12

Released May 25 2018

Video: Homemade Bread

Listen: I'm Here (Olga Bell Remix)

Listen: Light Spectrum (Time Wharp Remix)

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