Time Wharp and CH Rom made ‘Radical American Hippy Kraut’ during the last gasp of the Pax Americana, an empire’s epochal decline marked by spiritual stagnation and both normalized and sensationalized social injustice. Spying out patterns of self-obsession in life under the quotidian drudgery of the 21st century’s most famous decrepit patriarchal republic, Wharp and Rom devised a project to spur on new life in these old times.

RAHK arrives full of colorful, clear electronic pop jams that smash the glass of screen life and breathe infinitely outward, inflating a delightful hall of mirrors. This music bustles in dialogue with ‘60s krautrock experiments: all pulse, no histrionics. Songs re-member onto anesthetized ears the breakneck jubilant motivation of driving on a highway clear of cars late at night, the world’s blurred movement lit just orange enough to make out waving synth lines. Insistent drums and bass inter-pulse like electric braids of hair on a head swirling methodically, promising something solid as earth. It amounts to a dance and a regard: upward facing, outward reaching, saluting a future worth ambling toward/into. Invite yourself to ripple into this music and admire its cool consistency. Windows down, no cops, no ads.

In my imagination “cosmic music” (kosmische Musik) speaks to a West Germany addled by nightmares of itself, stuck in hallucinations of barely-yesterday Déjà vu, experiences of catastrophe bifurcating between past and present, both sides of the wall, pendularly caged in chaos enacted by invisible, seemingly cosmic forces drawing maps over people. The expanse of this music is not a druggy zone of checking out. It’s an affront. With today’s fascisms strutting publicly, RAHK time travels to scramble their signals and generate a rumbling dissent machine meant to be played and replayed. Against nostalgia, RAHK grounds itself in the past as a form of communal defensive action. A holy bell toll closes the album together with celestial chords from a church organ. Someone’s Sunday has come to climax in ministration. Is that you?

  • 1 President Pullman's Elephanthead Patriarchy
  • 2 Deepkraut 173
  • 3 Computers
  • 4 155 Gunk-Gunk
  • 5 One-Minute Manager
  • 6 A Gift to Yourself, A Gift to Others
  • 7 The Wob
  • 8 The Suite
  • 9 Blues 4 dANA
  • 10 (The Bells Ring) Ding-Dong

Radical American Hippy Kraut was recorded July 2016—January 2018, in Brooklyn, NY, at Prosperitopia 409 and Mozart Street Studios, and in Waldwick, NJ at JASS East.

All songs conceived, written, arranged, produced, performed and recorded by Time Wharp and CH Rom

and featuring the blessed charms and assistances of

Additional engineering and recording by RYAN HOWE
Mastered by PHIL MOFFA
Georgia cicadas on Pullman’s by OBSIDIAN MEATSTICK
Art, concept, story, and casting by WHARP & ROM

Thanks to Ryan, Kaye, Veronica, Tristan,
Linwood, Leila, Jean-Luc, Amanda, Chris, Judah,
Mani @2R, The Spirit of Mozart Street,
The Greenpoint Steinway Gallery, Crystal Thrash,
and The Fathers of Astro Nautico.

All rights of the owner of the recorded work reserved.

JASS & Astro Nautico 2019
© Market Solution Music 2019

12" Vinyl

Limited run 140g black vinyl featuring full-color jacket and 4-sided insert + digital download code.

USD $20
Released March 29 2019

Official Advertorial Short Film

Listen: President Pullman's Elephanthead Patriarchy