CH Rom – The Monster Part One Release Party

Enter the event of your prosperous lifetime, a feast of virtue and merit, creation and collaboration, a release party that you will never forget and forever return to as the pinnacle of the artisansphere’s reign of excellence! CH Rom and JASS Records have teamed up with the Prosperitopia Arts & Technology Exchange Council to bring you an enlightening and invigorating antidote to the identity miasma induced by the endless demands of the content grinder. Lost your brand and trying to regroup in the identity matrix? Frustrated by your failed attempts at merging your self and your content in brandscendental bliss? Whitegeist got you down? Boardroom brainstorm systemic makeover just not cutting it? Throw a banana peel into the innovation ecosystem and join CH Rom and an incredible cast of Zemeckian heroes and unbrandscendental provocateurs for the share economy @meetup slash pop-up bonfire of the ATMs that a damaged and aching, yearning humanity has long awaited.

Your cast for the evening:

Veronica with Magic Lamp
Heavy hymns and rock-n-bop; the hills are alive with the sound of perfect music at the edge of the wasteland.

Reading you to your core by word and will, the warrior of love and verse will illuminate with infotainment wrenched from the depths of Prosperitopia’s twilight.

New Breed Fire (Dali Vision + Kallie Lampel)
Warbling proselytism drawn from a needle dragging the ravaged soil at the surface of the creative-class’s weary canon to find new life among the haunted.

Plug Angel vs. Gringo Bandana (Live Battle)
Witness dialectical immortal combat between two of Prosperitopia’s most renowned content denizens; come for the signal, stay for the insight.


CH Rom
Stand-up propaganda diva-style expounding radical desire over steady bass.


Wednesday, December 7 2016
$8 presale / $10 at the door