Kallie Lampel – Falling Guitar – Out Now

We’re proud to present Falling Guitar, Kallie Lampel‘s first release for JASS since 2017’s Lamp Shade. A collection of improvised guitar pieces, Falling Guitar is an exercise in solitude, spaciousness, and spontaneous creation, available today as a pay-what-you-want release via our Bandcamp page. 90% of digital proceeds from Falling Guitar will be donated to Amazon Watch, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization & environmental advocacy group dedicated to protecting the rainforest and advance the rights of indigenous peoples in the Amazon Basin.

Falling Guitar is Kallie Lampel’s first release for JASS since 2017’s Lamp Shade. A collection of seven minimal pieces using a stripped-down setup of guitar, a modest set of effects and a occasionally a handheld tape cassette recorder, the album possesses a simple but luminous brilliance, with a sense of motion suspended in the night sky.

This soft foundation of the spiraling loop & the latitude of volume control elicit the singular & impulsive works of Falling Guitar to present as apparitions patiently making themselves present, just visible enough to etch out their woolly topographic characteristics before fading away into the distance. The brief nature of this collection belies its focus & patience: Falling Guitar is an exercise in solitude, spaciousness, and spontaneous creation. 

Kira McSpice – Prodrome

Beautiful & haunting new solo debut record PRODROME by Kira McSpice of Neck out today, featuring many friends of the label. Give this incredible project a listen at Kira’s Bandcamp page or streaming on all platforms.

Wharp & Rom – Radical American Hippy Kraut (JSD026) – out March 29, 2019

We designed Radical American Hippy Kraut to meet the semi-necrotic but self-assured geriatric ambling last dance of patriarchy, monoculture, and the society of the unbound prioritized self. From a coffee shop-bar-workshare-space identical to many others came the elemental code to the disruptor class’ ribbons of co-cultivating career gossamer light, and we’ve harvested this code to design instructions for developing higher pathways for the exchange of compassion and psyber-spiritual healing. The block chain prosperity silicon contagion continues to spread as the Earth is cannibalized by its children, who under duress of the elephanthead patriarchy succumb to the compulsion to auto-post and life stream until we’re reduced to piles of calcium dust atop shattered Lucite frames—but Wharp and Rom’s thundering motor drums rattle on in radical contrast! The group-self think grand optimization singularity is upon us, and thus we devote ourselves to dyspiritual para-American affective labor towards sculpting the counter-hymn of righteous joy and ecstatic hope against the unending statist drone of the convenience supremacist untopia.

Radical American Hippy Kraut is a collaborative project between Time Wharp and CH Rom, due out 3/29 on vinyl and all digital platforms as a joint release between Astro Nautico and JASS.

Limited 12″ LP Pre-order thru Astro or JASS Bandcamp pages.

Listen to the first single, “President Pullman’s Elephanthead Patriarchy” – premiere streaming at Resident Advisor.