With the agility and spirit of free-jazz, Will Shore and the Squirrels improvise fully developed arrangements in real-time.

Moving fluidly from the cinematic to the punk, the band rolls from rhythmic hits into thick dissonant sustains.

Using ‘conduction,’—the system of conducted improvisation developed by the late Butch Morris—Will Shore will lead a motley crew of 9 improvisors in the pursuit of an elusive group spontaneity.

Michael Coleman’s Enjoyer will open the night with a set of psychotic funk. Enjoyer’s music lives somewhere between Ornette Coleman’s Prime Time band and a shreds video.

Will Shore & The Squirrels
Kenny Wollesen: perc
Dalius Naujo: drums
Michael Kiaer: bass
Dave Harrington: guitar
Andrew Fox: electronics
Mike Irwin: trumpet
Briggan Kraus: alto sax
Doug Wieselman: clarinet
Christof Knoche: b.clarinet

Michael Coleman’s Enjoyer
Michael Coleman: synths
Andrew Conklin: guitar
Kurt Kotheimer: e.bass
Matt Nelson: tenor sax
Evan Francis: alto sax
Hamir Atwal: drums/perc
Sam Ospovat: drums/perc

The Fathers of JASS DJs

Threes Brewing
333 Douglas Street
Brooklyn, NY

Sunday, October 15 2017